Baker’s dozen.

We went sailing today with Kurt.  It was breezy and sunny and cool.   Like a spring sail should be.

We pulled into the recently reopened Gnarly Gar restaurant to check out their slips.  We found one that fit our boat, and went in for a cocktail.  We ran into this mallard mom and her 13 baby ducklings.


It’s good to be back.

And then there were six.

We had planned to raft up last night, but as it turned out, we didn’t make it to the lake.  It ended up raining overnight, so it’s just as well that we weren’t out there.  Today we went to the marina to bring home the kayak and close up the boat.  It was nice to back on the lake.    It’s been a while, for me.   The temps were in the 90’s.  The water temps are in the high 70’s.  Tis the season for B-dockers to hang out on the lake every weekend.

We saw Joe, Mike, Marty, Sue, Jerry and Wally.   Sue has her stand-up paddle board in their slip.  So, she and I paddled up and down the dock for quite a while.  Along the way we saw lots of the neighborhood ducks.  The mom and babies in the shot above were not too leary of the kayak – we were able to get pretty close.  Though, I’m told that last week, this momma duck had seven babies, not six.

The shot below shows some of the ducks that have become quite accustomed to handouts from B-dock.  You can see one of the big carp under the surface of the water on the right side of the frame.

Throw me some’tin mistah!