First bluebonnet.

Monte is the Bluebonnet Whisperer. We have several patches in the yard, and they’ve started to bloom. It’s going to be a big year. This is the first one to be brought in to the house.

(photo manipulated with Brushstroke iPhone app)

Wildflower fix.

On the drive home today we stopped to smell the flowers.   The roadsides along Hwy 71 seem to be hoarding all the wildflowers this year.   I just haven’t seen much of them in Austin.  They’re so pretty!

Indian paintbrush & bluebonnet.
Indian paintbrush & bluebonnet.
A bee in my (blue)bonnet.

This one was not grown in the wild, but was in a pot on the deck at the lake house we were visiting.   It’s an african iris (aka fortnight lily), or dietes iridioides.   According to google, the blooms last only a day, but they have a long blooming period, through the summer.  Between bloom bursts, plants take a two-week, or fortnight’s, rest before blooming again.

Ok, this one’s not wild, but pretty!


More signs of spring.

Texas Mountain Laurel.

We spent much of yesterday in the yard – weeding, whacking and watering.   Our lawn is in bad shape (unless you count the johnson grass).  But the shrubs and flowers are starting to pop.

I love this time of year.

First bluebonnet out back.

Jan 27, 2011

Brand new bluebonnet.

I took a walk out back after work tonight.   We’ve been keeping an eye out for signs of bluebonnets.  Usually by late Fall they have started to leaf out.   Unfortunately, this year they seem to be getting a very late start.

Last year was a phenomenal year for bluebonnets.   I can’t wait to see how our wildflower patch grows this year.

A few weeks back I noticed a ton of seedlings in the way back, each showing 2 tiny round leaves.   I looked them up online and found that indeed they are the cotyledon for the Texas bluebonnet.

So, I’ve been on the lookout for the first few leaves making an appearance.

Overall this guy is is about an inch and a half wide.

Grow, baby, grow!