Lil’ baby bird.

Seen at the bird bath this week – a baby blue jay.  We have found two dead jay fledglings on the back patio this month – lots of predators out and about.  I’m happy to see some have made it.  This guy is adorable with his short tail, fuzzy white belly feathers and pinkish baby-beak corners.


Newsflash:  this week we have seen another blue jay pair building a new nest in the red oak in the front yard.  Their nest is visible from our kitchen window.  I’m looking forward to more stealthy shots.  Stay tuned.

Birdies abound.

Lots of action in the backyard this weekend.

I don’t usually care much for the mourning doves, as they aggressively hog the feeders.  But I like the color around the eyes of this dove.


Red-winged blackbird:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Red-bellied woodpecker:




Beautiful, red cardinal:


Bathing beauty baby bluejay.

Baby jay in the bird bath.

We have lots of baby bluejays around the yard.  They take turns sitting in the bird bath and splashing.  This guy paused long enough for me to get a shot before he flew off.   It’s a bit grainy due to the zoom, but I’m posting it nonetheless.

Shake a tail feather.

Jay feather.

As I walk out back, I can usually find lots of bird feathers on the ground.  Sometimes a pile of them, marking the spot of a scuffle, sometimes just a single feather.  The birds out back must really have to be on their toes at all times.

This is one of the blue jay feathers I found.  Love the iridescent blue color.

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