Falling leaves…

We were treated to beautiful autumn color on our trip to Louisville.   One of my favorite songs to get stuck in my head is Nat King Cole singing Autumn Leaves.


Photo manipulated with Brushstroke iphone app.

Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.

Today I went birding with my friend, Doray, to Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.   I’m a novice.  I was able to get a lot of amazing photos of tree branches.  🙂   If I ever get an amazing photo of a bird, I may share here.  But for now, I won’t bore you with it.   We did see several kinds of birdies, so I’m calling it a success.

Here are two non-bird shots from the morning:



Sep 24, 2010


The leaves are just starting to turn here in New York.   I had an invite to come back up in 2 weeks to give a talk, and I declined because calendar conflicts.  But I really wish I would be able to make it, because in 2 weeks the leaves ought to be spectacular.   That alone would make it worth it.

I’ve had Nat King Cole’s Autumn Leaves running through my head non-stop.  I love that song.

It will always remind me of a lovely day outside of Parma on our honeymoon.

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