Fledge day.

On February 20th, we noticed a pair of Carolina wrens making a nest in a planter we have on the patio out back.  For the last week or two we have watched them bringing insects all day long, and could hear the babies’ chirps.  Today they fledged!  I saw the first one jump out.  Then called Monte to the window.  We watched the second one jump out, and then he reminded me I might want to get a picture or two.  🙂

The last three…


And then there were two…


And then there was one…


And then there were none!  Such cuties.


Yay!  Now I can finally trim that plant and water it.

2 thoughts on “Fledge day.”

  1. Nice pics and stories. Not sure I told you that a Gambol Quail made a nest inside the high Geranium pot in the courtyard. All was well till Sat night. A Bobcat jumped over the gate and destroyed and consumed all (approx 13) eggs and destroyed some of the plants and foliage. We are sad. Our journal says we saw our first babies last year on April 15. FYI had a new sighting yesterday. A lone Western Kingbird in our front Tx Ebony tree.

    1. Wow! Too close for comfort for a bobcat! Sorry you lost the nest and your plants. We have a pair of black crested titmice feeding their babies on a hollowed out mimosa tree trunk. I went out today and scared off a cat that was in the tree trying to get at the babies. I hope they make it.

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