The road home.

What a party!   John and Debbie were awesome hosts for the ball last night.   Dancing and merry making ensued til the wee hours.    Today we’re headed for home.   But first we drove around town one more time.

This is a shot of the lovely cathedral downtown: IMG_2927

One of the trees along the parade route, be-decked with beads:


We met Asha & Shekhar, Maxia & Ralph, and Patrick and Rita for brunch at Blue Dog Cafe.   The food was absolutely DElicious.  If you are anywhere near Lafayette you should stop in for a bite.   The place is lined with artwork from George Rodrigue, a native of these parts, and who also co-owned the cafe until he passed away last year.   I took a shot of one of his many works in the cafe:


We made it back home tonight, and were greeted by temperatures in the 20s!  Brrrrr.

On the drive home today I saw that the bluebonnets are already in bloom along Highway 71 (!)   Early, but hopefully a good year for them.

More later!

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