Vroom vroom.


This weekend Lori & Dave are out of town, and Jake is staying with us.   He’s a great kid.  I don’t know who is keeping an eye on who.  🙂  We had a fun pizza / game night last night with Doray, Tom, Sue & Marty.   It is so nice to spend time with friends.

Jake and I have been racing Mario Karts on the wii quite a bit this weekend, but today we headed to K1 Speed for the real thing.   It’s a pretty awesome indoor venue for kart racing.   This is not bumper cars, folks, these karts can go over 40 mph.   It was pretty fun!   That’s Jake in #25 in the shot above.   And I couldn’t resist taking a selfie in my cool racing hat…


2 thoughts on “Vroom vroom.”

  1. I’m too chicken to drive fast in those things. A grandma before my time. I do love racing on the Wii, though. It’s safer in the couch 😉

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