Tiptoeing through time.

I’ve spent the entire day today jumping back into my genealogy research.  I have recently connected with distant cousins in my same generation, all of who’s grandparents were siblings born in the late 1800s.  It has rekindled the fire in me to transfer the myriad of notes, stories and photographs that I have compiled over the last decade or so into a cleanly documented family tree.  And we are pooling our research.
It is especially challenging to research my ancestors because virtually all of my grandparent paths on all sides start in Ireland.  So I’m enjoying joining forces on the research.
Once I make a pass through my ancestors’ part of the tree, I’ll do the same for Monte’s, for whom I have significantly more information.


4 thoughts on “Tiptoeing through time.”

  1. My husband is a rabid genealogist. I think he loves the hunt. I, however, run into a brick wall with the Irish on my mommy’s side. I wish you better luck!

    1. Good luck. I have worked with two cousins with great results. Both of them were discoveries as I did not even know of them before I tracked them down.

    2. thanks. U know, i finally broke down and got the world edition of the ancestry.com subscription/content. I see lots more records in the birth/death/marriages category that are showing up. I think the best treatment, though, is a trip to the homeland, and crawling through graveyards and pubs for familiar names 🙂

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