Happy July 4th!

Not a bird. Not a plane.

Wow, that was a fun raftup!  We got to the cove at about 5pm.  Rory & Greg arrived first on Sapphire.  Monte hooked them up with a stern anchor and a bow line to shore.  Then Lori & Dave arrived on Camelot.  Then Marty & Sue on Caribbean Hug.  Then Wally & Robert on Voodoo.

We cooked up some beef fajitas right before the sun set — it was so easy, using the pre-seasoned skirt steak from HEB, and the cast iron skillet was as good as a grill.   We’ll definitely have to bring those again.

There was a beautiful full moon – the Buck Moon.  I have not mastered the art of photographing a full moon on a non-stationary boat yet, so no good pic to post.

iPod wars raged into the wee hours.  I threw in the towel around 2AM.  This morning I woke up to the sound of Voodoo dropping off Rory & Greg.  They were just returning from a moonlight sail.  They apparently left at about 3:30 AM, headed for the dam.  They turned around at Sometimes Islands at about 6:30 and made it back to the raft-up by about 8:30.  Those guys stayed up all night long.   Crazy sailors!

We had a great day.   But we are pretty tired from all the fun and schlepping.

This is a shot of a dragonfly that was darting around behind Cupholder this morning.  I’m not sure why he hung around, but he stayed for an hour or two.


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