In the midst of the mist.

We went to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival today. And we had a really fantastic day. I took a ton of photos but am wiped out so I will only quickly post one before I succumb to sleep. I’ll post more tomorrow.

This was from this morning before the fog lifted. Soon after this we were treated to a beautiful day. Sunny, clear and light breezes. This was the rowing regatta, with a ghostly schooner looking on from the fog.


Feb 18, 2011


Monte has been getting the boat stripped to bare wood and prepped for a new set of varnish coats.   Progress has been slow due to him being laid low by the cold/flu/fung that’s been going around — that, and the fact that I haven’t been much help lately.   Seems like my time has been sucked up with other things.

This is a shot from tonight – the wood is ready for varnish, taped and prepped.  We’re looking forward to making progress this weekend.   The mahogany  brightwork looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see it with its first coats of new varnish.

I’m having withdrawals from not getting to play with our B-dock friends.   I can feel the anticipation of the first raftup awaiting us in the next month or so!