Going batty.

Wow, this week has been crazy.   Today I’ve been on back to back calls since 6AM without a break until 2:30 PM.  And I have a couple more hours of meetings to go before the day is over — certainly lots more work to do after the calls.   But after my call ended at 2:30 I just had to get up and walk around.

I started to walk down the hall to the kitchen when a blob on the window by the front door caught my eye.   What the heck is that?


I better take a closer look…


OMG that is a bat!   In case you were not aware, Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in the US… about 1.5 million mexican free-tailed bats make the underside of the Congress Bridge downtown their home from about March to October.  Being nocturnal, they come out from under the bridge in droves after sunset everynight to forage for insects.  I’ve seen the exodus many times and consider them friend not foe.   This little guy didn’t make it back to the bridge, apparently.   I was perfectly fine to let him hang out on the window until nightfall, but I couldn’t resist the urge to go outside and get a better picture.  For you guys, of course.

So, i went outside and approached slowly…


Then I had to lean in a little closer to get a better shot… this one is kind of blurry…his head is pointing down, and he’s hanging on to the leaded window piece with his little feet…IMG_2030

and just then, he woke up and flew right past me.  He scared the begeesus out of me and I was as startled as he was.   I wish I had been able to get a shot of him in flight.     Oh well.   I hope he makes it back to the bridge tonight.   Sorry I woke him up, but  I didn’t get a good night’s sleep either.

I think that, eventually, my heart rate will return to normal.  🙂   For now, it’s back to work for me!

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