Today we celebrated my mom,  and said goodbye.  What an emotional day.   It was a beautiful ceremony.  Lots of family and friends shared the day with us. 

We sent her off with a graveside parting glass.   

I’m a little exhausted.  A little sad.  And very happy to have an angel of mom’s calibre in my corner.  

I’ll leave you with a picture from my sister’s garden, and the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem version of The Parting Glass


One thought on “Sláinte. ”

  1. Sweet tribute to your mom, you honored her yesterday and today and on and on. I hope you can “just be with it” as they say, be with your sorrow, your joy, your memories, the old and new stories about her you will hear. Be with the privilege of her being your mom and you being her daughter and young woman you have become…precious times. Love to you and your family.

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