Shrinky dinkies.

The afternoon was filled with family stopping by to see mom and aunt Ellen.  Rebecca and Aaron brought some shrinky dink paper… an arts and crafty kind that you decorate and then put in the oven to shrink and harden.  We made lots of doodads.  These that I made are destined to become keychains…

You can buy the sheets of paper.  Google sez #6 recyclable plastic can also work, but I haven’t tried that.  Make sure to use permanent markers, and allow for 3x or 4x shrinkage.  Punch a hole before shrinking, if you want to make into a keychain.  Bake at 325-350 degrees for less than a minute.  They will ball up and then flatten out again as they shrink.  I put them in the oven on foil with a little flour or cornstarch to keep from sticking to the foil.

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