I ♥ LGA.

I’m in NY for a few days for work.  I’m headed upstate but I prefer to fly into LGA and drive, as opposed to flying into one of the smaller airports up north.
I was on the wrong side of the plane to get a great cityscape shot from the air.  So this one from the runway will have to serve.


I’ve always liked this ironwork/fence outside of baggage claim – get it? the big apple…


American Airlines has been a fixture at LaGuardia forever.  The first airline VIP lounge debuted here in 1939 now known as the Admirals Club.  What a great idea, AA!   I don’t travel as much for work as I used to a few years back.  It used to be that the bartender in the lounge would greet me with my “usual” when I walked in. 🙂   I’ll have to try it again on this trip home.
One more pic.  This one from the gate area as we were pulling in.  One of the original vintage but still in use American Airlines hangars, with one of the new logo jet paint jobs parked beside it.


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