Here’s looking at you, kid.

Monday.  Bleh.
Early this morning I collected all the photos I took while Jake was here and put them on a SDRAM card for him to take home with him.  Here is one from the tubing trip yesterday.  A humongous dragonfly landed on Jake’s head.  I had to try to get a close-up.
I drove him (Jake, not the dragonfly) to the airport today, and he’s on his way home.  Being an aunt is the next best thing to being a mom, I guess.  I love my nieces and nephews, but live far away from them.  I am very glad they (and their parents) don’t mind having to trek across the country for a visit.

2 thoughts on “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

    1. I was able to take my time. This guy stayed there while we passed the hat around for people to get a good look at him. He must have been tired. 🙂

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