Taking our time going home.

I’ve already said how much I’ve enjoyed this reunion trip to Nashville.   It’s been a really great visit.   Today our flight leaves in the afternoon, so we have several hours to check out more of Nashville and its surrounds.

This morning we got up and checked out of the hotel and drove to Franklin.  A lovely small town with Victorian homes, antique malls and really great shops.  The backroad to Franklin is lined with amazing homes and homesteads.

This was one shot of a number of churches in the village – the First United Methodist.  I liked the doors.


We passed the morning walking through town, shopping in several of the antique stores, and had lunch at a nice Irish pub in town.  After that, we dashed over to The Hermitage – home of Andrew Jackson. But didn’t have much time to do more than a quick drive by.  Sorry, no pics.

Back at Nashville International Airport, I was glad to find an Admiral’s Club on the same concourse as our Southwest flight.

This is a shot of the UT campus as we were landing, flying south towards the airport.  If you can find the Erwin Center in the picture (left side, middle of frame), you’ll get your bearings.  I believe the area in the foreground is the grounds of the old Mueller Airport, now a bunch of mixed use housing and retail.


Yay, it’s good to be home!   I’m headed to baggage claim carousel #4.   I’m so very glad this is a 4 day week!!!1306242

3 thoughts on “Taking our time going home.”

    1. Hi Teri! I guess I didn’t know your connection to Franklin. It was a really nice place. Not your average small town. The historic district was restored beautifully. The pub was called McCreary’s.

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