DIY: Jewelry board project.

My lastest project.
My lastest project.

I finished yet another pinterest-inspired project today:  a board for hanging my jewelry.   The inspiration pin can be found here.

Wanna make one, too?  Read on.

I bought an inexpensive corkboard, about 18″ x 24″ or so, from IKEA.   For future reference, you should note the thickness of the board material (not the frame part, but the field part of the bulletin board).   You may need to trim the screws that come with the drawer pull hardware, like I did.  The thickness of my board material was 1/4″.   When the screws were screwed all the way into the hardware, there was 3/4″ of an inch showing.  Which meant I would have to cut off 1/2″ from each screw (with a hacksaw) so that they would fit my board.  You’ll either have to do that, or look for screws that are the right length.

IKEA corkboard
IKEA corkboard

Then I bought some miscellaneous drawer pulls.   I also picked out some hooks and small chain and some push pins.  Yes.  This would have been less expensive if I had this stuff laying around already…

Laying out where the hardware will go.
Laying out where the hardware will go.

Then picked out some fabric and ribbon from Joanne’s.

Pretty bits.
Pretty bits.

Cut and hem the non-selvage edges of the material big enough to wrap around the bulletin board leaving several inches.

corkboard4 corkboard5

Sew on ribbon to add some accents.


Put the fabric you’ve just sewn aside.  Now using an awl, poke holes in the corkboard where the screws for where you want each piece of hardware to go.

Poke holes where the drawer pull hardware goes.
Poke holes where the drawer pull hardware goes.

Using a drill, with a drill bit no bigger in diameter than the fasteners for the drawer pulls, drill all the way through the corkboard and its backing board.  My corkboard had a thin, fiber board backing.  So, when I drilled through it, it sort of made a hole with rough, fuzzy edges.  After I drilled each hole I scraped away the debris from the front and back of the board around each hole.

corkboard9 corkboard10

It’s a good idea to do a dry run and screw the hardware to the board, to make sure the holes are all in the right places.  If not, make adjustments, then take the hardware off again.

Testing to make sure the holes match the hardware.
Testing to make sure the holes match the hardware.

Now it’s time to wrap the board in fabric.  I did this using a stapler, into the back of the board.  Wrap the fabric tight, working your way around the board.

The back of the board.
The back of the board.

Again, using an awl through each pre-drilled hole in the back of the board, poke a hole through the fabric on the front.  Be careful not to snag your material.  This will allow the screws to go through the fabric without twisting it or tearing it.  Then, place the screws into each hole, through the back of the corkboard, using a screwdriver to turn the screws through the holes you’ve just pierced into the fabric.

Pierce the fabric for each screw-hole, to make way for the screws.
Turn the screws through the back of the board til they are clear of the fabric.

Now you just need to place the hardware over the screws and tighten them down.

I added some chain fastened with push pins on either end – more space to hang earrings.


The finished board.
The finished board.

3 thoughts on “DIY: Jewelry board project.”

  1. I forwarded to two of my sister in laws, they are both major jewelry makers!!!


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    1. Hi Teri! thanks. It was more work than I anticipated, but I love it now that it’s hanging on my wall. I can see all (most of) my jewelry now. Maybe I’ll wear it more.

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