Fused glass ornaments.

While I was in Seattle a week or so ago, I took a glass fusing class with my sister.  We made 5 glass ornaments.  I had to leave them there to be fired in the kiln, and then they’d mail them to me.  Today they arrived.

Here’s the “after”:

After firing.
After firing.

And here’s the “before”:

Before firing.
Before firing.

The copper metal hangars and accents oxidized and turned red in the kiln.  The way we made them was to use 2 pieces of glass cut approximately the same – one piece of glass serves as a base, and then the decoration is placed by putting pieces of glass and metal on top of the base, with a little glue, if necessary.  And then the 2nd piece of glass is put on top, sandwiching the decoration in between.  During the firing, all the glass pieces fuse together.  The result is a single piece of very smooth glass with the decorations baked inside.

I had a lot of fun in the class.  I’d like to try it again.

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