To the lake.

Starboard jib sheet.

To celebrate the first day of Fall, we spent the night on the lake 🙂  Well, we’d do that any night, but it does happen to be the first day of Fall.  There were no winds to speak of.  Plus, our main is at Bartlett’s Sail Shop getting a new luff tape.

We set anchor in Arky south, where there are, apparently, several billion gnats that have just hatched.  Most of which were trying to find a place to spend the night on our boat.  It’s usually not buggy out on the lake.  Must be because of the recent rains.

2 thoughts on “To the lake.”

  1. Hi Sheila! Thanks so much for the likes on a couple of my posts re: “August Moons”; appreciate the nod. But also, I’ve been enjoying yours as well. Having always been a fan of B&W, this one caught my eye. Clean, nice!

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