Did someone say, “mimosa?”

Mimosa bloom.

Our mimosa tree out back is blooming.  It’s had a hard couple of years with freezes and droughts.  At one point we thought it was a goner.  It appeared to have a split in its trunk.  But, there’s still life in it.  The canopy is not covered with blooms this year, just a couple dozen.  I tried to capture one of the newer ones, here.

4 thoughts on “Did someone say, “mimosa?””

  1. How beautiful!
    We had one right in front of the house, but then the power company came and trimmed some of the branches because it was too close to the power lines, and it died 😦 I still miss that tree…

    1. that’s so sad! Around here the electric company makes the most bizarre shapes out of the huge live oaks and pecans that grow up along the right of ways, to prune them away from the power lines.

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