Pretty boats.

American Treasure – Edward Hopper.

In the interest of spending less time running errands on the weekends, I have really embraced on-line shopping.  And not just for presents and big purchases but consumables – I’ve recently bought shampoo, sunscreen, batteries, light bulbs, hangers, replacement parts, adhesives, air filters…you name it.  It’s GREAT!

I signed up for Amazon Prime about 6 months ago.  It offers free 2-day shipping, and sometimes discounted prices, for many items.   It’s a god-send.  And only $79 a year.  You also get free online video streaming (which is handy with a kindle fire), and free e-books.  Check it out.

Amazon does sell postage stamps, but when I ran out this week, I just ordered from  I usually buy a couple hundred Forever stamps at a time, and they show up in my mailbox in a day or two.

The picture above is of a sheet of Forever stamps that I ordered on Thursday that arrived today.  They are of a painting by Edward Hopper called The Long Leg, part of the American Treasures series of stamps.  Pretty, gaff-rigged sailboats.  I couldn’t resist.  I have admired several Edward Hopper paintings and drawings (especially The Cat Boat) over the years, but I don’t know much about him otherwise.   So I googled him and in the process of doing so, found a most awesome website for viewing art called  What an amazing resource.  They have several hundred artists and many thousands of art work browsable and viewable online.  A must-have in your bookmark list.

2 thoughts on “Pretty boats.”

    1. I didn’t know they had such a large collection of Forever stamps. I’d only been buying the flag stamp before. Not that there’s anything wrong with that 🙂 But I loaded up on these boat stamps for the next go round 🙂

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