I love a good party.

Retirement crown.

We had a fun time at Lori’s Friday night.  Tonight we threw a party to celebrate Monte’s retirement.  It was a blast.  I wish every day was a Saturday, with a party  🙂

Monte got a lot of funny gifts:   a double-barreled beer helmet, retiree t-shirt, this lovely retirement crown, wine & champers, a giant inflatable tentacle (yep), to name a few.  The retirement crown was given to him by another friend named Lori, who retired last week herself.   She wore this at her party.   We will pass it on to the next retiree, who will pass it on to the next person that retires, and so on…until all our friends are dead… speaking of which… one gift was a funny little picture book for adults called All my friends are dead.  You can read part of it online here.

Tomorrow… clean up the party and finalize my tax return…

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