Wonderful weekend.

Elvis sighting.

We started out this evening with dinner at Z-Tejas downtown with the visiting Three.   Frozen mango marg and a salad for me.   Delicious!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday night… a trifecta of fun.

Walking to our car after dinner, we stopped by a statue store to take some pics.  Ran into the King.   Then we headed over to Lori’s to play a few rounds of a game that Denyse told us about… called Telepictionary.  It goes roughly like this… each person writes a sentence at the top of a piece of paper.  Then they pass it to the right and the next person draws their interpretation of the sentence.  That person folds over the sentence, so the next person can only see their drawing.  And the next person then must write a sentence that captures what their interpretation of the drawing is.  Then this person folds over the drawing and passes the paper to the next person, who can only see the sentence that they wrote from the previous drawing.  This goes on for several more passes.   We had 7 people playing tonight.  When the paper makes its way back to the person who wrote the original sentence at the top of the page, the round is over.

It’s funny to compare the original sentence to the last one on the page.  The shot below is of one my sentences after having made it around the table.

You get the idea.

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