A reminder.

Winter sun setting.

My Uncle Bill passed away this morning – 1 month since his brother died, and less than 2 months since he learned that he had cancer.   My heart goes out to my aunt and my cousins who have had their world turned upside down so quickly.  He is loved and missed terribly by his family.

It is startling to realize how quickly our lives can be taken out of our hands.   And that as much as I fret about things day to day, I really don’t have any control at all.   I guess what’s important is that we get the most out of each day we have.

The shot above is of the sun dropping low in the sky on a crisp winter day.  The tree in the foreground has lost its leaves, but you can already see the buds along the branches getting ready to pop in a month or so.   Life goes on….

2 thoughts on “A reminder.”

  1. My condolences to you and your family as well as his. I know how quickly that can happen.

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