No place like home…

Giant Gibsons.

We had a leisurely morning getting ready to check out.  Breakfast at Jacks.  Then we stopped at the store — the home base for the family.  Got in one last visit and said goodbye to Uncle Raymond, Judy, Gary, David, Marla, Lauren, Laken, Bryan and Dorothy.

We had no problems on our flights.   We were able to package the power tools that Monte bought and send as checked baggage.

We had a wonderful time at the reunion, but no matter where you’ve been or how great it’s been, there’s always that special feeling when you’re back home.   This is a picture of the giant Gibson guitars that decorated downtown Austin for a long time.  Several are now on display at the airport.

We came home to the uninterrupted drought.  I hope we can catch up on watering enough to keep things alive.  I took a long walk around the neighborhood before dark, and monte is still out in the shop, playing with his new toy, I imagine.

I can’t wait for the next big reunion – Lanny & Mica will be hosting in 2013!

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