Happy July 4th!

Drill Team

I was bummed that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Susanne, she left without waking us up this morning…we had gotten in very late last night from Madison.   But, I’m so glad we had a great visit.

Today we headed to Cincinnati again to visit a friend of Monte’s from many years ago, Gwen, and her son Devin.  We met at her house and after a quick chat I found out that Gwen and I may be related (!)   Her dad was born in Ireland and some of her people come from the same town where my dad grew up.  Small world!

After putting away the family trees, we walked down the street to watch the Northside 4th of July parade.  A very funky affair indeed.  This is a shot of the Northside Men’s Drill Team.  Get it?  DRILL team?!  🙂

We had a great walking tour of the Northside neighborhood and got a chance to check out some beautiful restored homes, and a former, old time can factory which is being renovated for apartments.

After a great visit in Cincy we headed back to IN and made the obligatory stop at Skyline for a 3-way.  Then we drove to Gary & Judy’s to visit with them.  As (fantastic) hosts for the reunion they were pretty busy all weekend, and we didn’t really get a chance to spend time with them.   So I’m very glad that we were able to do that tonight.

For now, back to the Courtyard, getting ready to pack everything up for the return flight tomorrow.


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