An acorn haiku – just because.

The acorns are back.
Weighing down each red oak branch.
The squirrels rejoice.

Acorn in sepia.

Last year was a lean one for the furry critters that live off the acorns in our neighborhood.  The red oak was just too stressed.  This year the tree is absolutely loaded with them.   I just wish the pecan tree out back would cooperate.

Chock full-o-nuts.

Leaf me alone!

Before and After.

The weather has been beautiful during the past week.  Highs in the 60’s, even creeping into the 70’s, clear skies.  And, it’s been breezy, the winds started out of the north and then slipped back into the normal southerlies.  The wind has almost emptied the red oak of its leaves.   The picture on the left was taken last Saturday, the one on the right today.   Monte’s already planning his leaf collection strategy for this year.  We are getting off easy, though.   About half the leaves uncharacteristically fell in the Summer and the Fall, due to the drought, and they are long gone.   Half of the rest blew down the street over the last few days 🙂 .

Have a great weekend!


Nov 20, 2010

Red Oak

I saw the early morning sun filtering through the leaves in of the red oak in our front yard this morning.   By the time I got my camera and went outside the light fog had lifted and it wasn’t quite as pretty as I saw through the window.

But it is a beautiful tree and a beautiful Fall morning.

It got pretty warm today, actually.  But I know the cold days are on the way.

…and pretty soon all of these leaves will be on the lawn.


Aug 25, 2010


It got down to a chilly 79 degrees last night, which is putting me into an Autumn state of mind.  For as hot as it gets here in Austin, when Fall decides it’s finally ready to appear the weather sure changes very fast.   That won’t be for another month or so.   Even so, the big Red Oak in the front yard is loaded with acorns.   The squirrels are going to have a big year.

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