Macs don’t bounce. 

I made an evening run to the Apple Store tonight for a service appointment with my MacBook.   *sigh*

On the way home I got a quick snap of the Christmas tree in front of Macy’s (tweaked with an iPhone app called Brushstroke).  ‘Tis the season!


Amazon overload.

I am addicted to Amazon Prime.   I use it for purchasing nearly everything other than groceries.   And I’ve been placing so many orders lately, the UPS man is wearing out the front walkway.  I guess it’s time I took a break, though.

The clutter (virtual and physical) in my life is reaching a new peak.   We have, admittedly, been processing a spike in household paperwork / accounting that requires more of my attention, what with the monthly household bill paying, insurance paperwork for the Audi, buying the new boat, insuring the new boat, registering the boat, processing Monte’s retirement paperwork, converting 401Ks to IRAs, moving the new retiree to my insurance, etc etc etc.  We somehow misplaced one of the new ATM cards for our accounts that arrived a few weeks ago.   I also have this nagging feeling that I need to double check our estimated fed income tax payments.  I’m about 2 months behind on niece & nephew birthday cards (!).  Work-work is piling up too, and traveling a week or so every month is not helping either on the household-organizational front.

The Amazon “stuff” just went on top of that pile.

I have been trying to get the return authorizations processed for 2 boat-related items that I ordered from Amazon recently that I wanted to return.  Today I realized that I returned the wrong item to Amazon, using one of Amazon’s return authorizations.  And I have the Amazon item here in my office with the return authorization for a 3rd party vendor. The nice UPS man came by and picked up the first item before I realized the mistake.


Luckily the nice-man at 1-800-please-help-me-Amazon said he’d figure it out for me.

I hereby impose a 2 week moratorium on ordering anything from Amazon.  And I resolve to reduce the huge pile of paperwork piled up on my home office desk on one of the days I hope to take off around labor day.



I realize there are people struggling with real problems out there.   This is definitely not one of them.  But it just turns out to be something to feed my blog for today. 🙂   Enjoy the rest of the week!

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