Fins up!

We set out again with Marty and Sue this afternoon for the Austin installment of the Jimmy Buffett “Songs from St. Somewhere” tour.  We got there a couple hours early so we could phlock with all the other parrot heads.  We saw Rob and Jen, too.  Though the concert was postponed 24 hours, the place was packed.

The new Formula 1 track complex is pretty impressive.  It sprawls over 1300 acres, located SE of the Austin airport.  Quite a trek, but boy do they know how to move people in and out quickly and smoothly.


The Austin360 amphitheater is very nice.  Brand new.  Accommodates 14,000, which we must have been close to tonight.  It is nestled between 2 giant hairpin turns of the F1 racecourse.  The tower behind the stage is the observation tower overlooking the racecourse


And the concert was fantastic.  Jackson Browne opened, and Jimmy played for a couple hours straight.  He’s a great entertainer.  I hope he doesn’t wait 17 more years before coming back again.