An embarrassment of blackberries.

Fresh from the vine.

Picked a bunch of blackberries today.  The plants grow like weeds here.  They are big and sweet and ready to eat.

When I was a kid my brother and I would often be sent down the street to pick gallons of blackberries at a time – to make pies, jelly and jam.  We would come home with full buckets, covered in scratches, with red stained fingers that you couldn’t get clean even with bleach.   And that is where I learned to dislike spiders.  The bushes are full of incredibly large spiders that love to hide behind the big green leaves, and who also have a tendency of spinning their virtually invisible webs at eye-level across walking paths among the brambles.

This time I wore gloves, and I managed to avoid any close encounters with those gnarly spiders.   🙂