Fantasy Footballin’.

I have followed football all my life.  And with the Seahawks’ great performance for the last several years, it’s all the more enjoyable for me.  The 2014-2015 NFL season was my first foray into fantasy football.  My sister invited me join to her all-ladies league.  I also joined a random league on-line with a bunch of guys.  My goal was to learn more about the current players across many teams.  Over the last few years I have had blinders on, only watching my team.

And I think it worked!  I also had alot of fun.  It sure makes for a different fan experience when you find yourself rooting for someone on a team that is one of your favorite team’s rivals.

Last year I didn’t fare too poorly.   In the all-ladies league, I just missed the championship game by 1 point (thanks SO much, Andrew Luck, for taking a knee 3 times in a row on tht last drive, losing just enough yardage to drop a point or two), so I finished with an 11-3 record, coming in 3rd in a 16-team league.    In my other league, i finished 7-6, finishing 5th out of 10 teams.

We use ESPN’s fantasy football platform.  They also have a great iPhone app, which makes it very easy to track and manage your team.  Learning the ropes on how to draft and what the league rules is pretty easy, and you can find most of what you need explained here in their FAQ.

This year, in week one, I had a lopsided win in one of my leagues and lost (by 1 point again!) in the other.  I mis-managed my bench in the game that I lost.  And in the other, one of my wide receivers was injured and will be out for about 6 weeks.   I’m going to have to make some changes between tonight and Thursday night.

Back in the real world, sadly, my beloved Seahawks played an ugly game and lost.   My heart is still with the boys in blue and green.


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