Bazillion-th in line for takeoff.

I’m headed back home.  There was a very long line of planes ahead of us waiting to takeoff.  I counted over twenty.

Earlier this morning, as I was driving down the Taconic State Parkway, I saw an exit sign for the Donald J Trump State Park.  It was one exit before the Franklin D Roosevelt State Park.   Now, I get why FDR has one, but does it strike anyone else as odd that Trump has a state park named after him?

Coincidentally, The Donald and I were both at LGA at the same time today.   Go figure.

6 thoughts on “Bazillion-th in line for takeoff.”

  1. I am going to guess that Donald donated the land for the park. ? Or was that intended to be rhetorical .. 🙂 Enjoy your posts.

    1. Hi Marty. My curiosity drove me to wikipedia, which says: “The land for the park was donated in 2006 by billionaire Donald Trump, for whom the park was named, after he was unable to gain town approvals to develop a golf course on the property.”

      Hope we can get together again soon. Birthdays & Holidays soon come. 🙂

  2. Ahhh Golf Course – he couldn’t get the tree clearing and high density condos approved – so take the loss and spin the cover story as a charitable contribution. Got It – Thx

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