Nerd alert.

I have only recently entered the realm of the hyper-connected, making the leap to an iPhone just a few months ago.  In that time, I have run across a few apps that I find either mildly entertaining or incredibly useful – enough to install them and use regularly.  Scrabble and Temple Run 2 fall into the former category.  I thought I’d share one of the latter category with you today.

Monte and I joke about the “magic shopping list” that’s hung on the wall ever since Monte and I have been shacking up.  Monte can write something on it, and it magically shows up a few days later.   We also have a “magic laundry basket,”  but that’s another story.

Anyway, upon recently running out of the nifty paper notepads that I use for the magic list, i thought… there must be an app for this.    After a quick search online, I found a free one:  GroceryIQ.   I’ve successfully used it for 2 shopping trips so far.  You can add items either by typing them in, or using a barcode scanner, or by voice recognition.   The app has a database of brand items that you can choose from or just enter a new, generic item.   The app also has coupons integrated, and also has some way of keeping track of item prices, but I haven’t figure out how to use those features.   I’m just enamored with the virtual shopping list idea.   I like that I can mark items that I buy regularly as “favorites” so when it comes time to make up the list, I can add the regulars easily.  I also like the fact that you can order the categories that items show up in however you like…meaning that you can set your list up so that the order the items appear in your list is in the same order as you find them as you navigate the aisles of your particular grocery store (yeah, kind of geeky).   But the best part is that multiple users can share the same list – independently adding items to the same grocery list.  This meant that to render our magic list completely virtual,  Monte would have to install it on his phone and give it the thumbs up (no small feat).  He did…….and voila!   The app passed the test.     Check it out – they have an app for Android and iOS.

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