Holy schmolies!

We had a great time on the lake this weekend. We anchored in Arky south last night. Rory and Greg joined us on Sapphire for the night. Lori, Dave and Jake stopped by on Camelot and tied up for several hours; to swim and grill up dinner on the boat. Boy was it a hot one!! 107+ in the city. Was probably hotter out here. But floating in the lake is the best way to beat the heat.
Back at the marina, we met up with Marty and Sue and floated for a while. It was great to see them. We saw Nick, Dmitri and Kelly, too. Nice day!
Made it back home by about 6 pm or so. As we were unpacking we heard all the bluejays in the vicinity urgently squawking and dive bombing something outside the kitchen window. This went on for a while, so I walked out to see what it was. There were about 10 or more jays in the oak tree joining in. I walked around shook the bushes a bit, but didn’t see anything. So I walked back to the front porch, when I saw a 6′ snake slithering up onto the porch about a foot away from me and my bare feet and legs. YIKES!!! I guess I should be more careful.

A google search later leads me to believe this is a Texas Rat Snake.

2 thoughts on “Holy schmolies!”

  1. I would have passed out COLD!!! Did you “relocate” him? preferably to heaven? 🙂

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