Ride through the ‘hood.


Went for a bike ride around the neighborhood today.  There are a handful of pecan trees nearby that are on common grounds in the neighborhood.  We stopped by to gather a bunch of pecans that had fallen.   We have several pecan trees in our own backyard, but they don’t bear much fruit – at least not any of the years we have lived here.  So it’s nice to find a few that we can harvest from nearby.   They are very sweet this year.

Julie and I rented a movie from a nearby RedBox last night – The Amazing Spiderman.  It was a good flick.  Stop number 2 on the bike ride today was the RedBox to drop the movie off.  Then we rode to Academy to see what we could see.  Then we stopped by the local pet store to check out the birdies.  This is one of two very friendly macaws that live there.

Pretty bird.

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