6 thoughts on “Baby broccoli!”

    1. i’ve never grown broccoli before, so i’m hoping that I can harvest it before the little florets develop too far. If it turns out I’ll definitely report in here. They look good enough to eat raw at the moment, so I’ll have to be patient

    1. thank you! I’ve never grown it before so I’m trying to figure out how long to leave the heads on the stalk. I’m thinking it has a few more weeks, but not sure. So i’ll be checking them every day now.

      1. I’ve found that cutting the main head above any leaves is a good strategy. The variety I grow then sends out secondary shoots. I’ve got one that’s been producing for about 8 weeks now. I’ve also found that it is very easy to wait too long and have them get a little bitter. If you’re willing to leave them in the ground and snip a bit at a time, it might be worth going early rather than later. Just my two cents.

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