Mamma Dove.

I see you.

This afternoon, before I heard or saw any signs of it outside, I noticed a red blob on the weather radar that I usually have running in the browser in the background.  We were due for a very brief blow of rain and wind any minute.

So I took a break and walked into the kitchen to look out the window.  Sure enough the wind was gusting and the sky was grey.   As I was looking out, I noticed this mourning dove sitting in the crook of a tree branch.   I realized it was a nest, and that was the mom (or dad?) sitting on a couple of babies, probably to keep them from falling out of the nest as the the branch bobbed in the wind.

The nest was pretty far away, and I had to use digital zoom — so, the the quality of this shot isn’t too good.  I wasn’t able to get a good shot of the babies, but in this one, you can make out the mom — looking right at me.  🙂


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