Partial lunar eclipse.

June 4, 2012 partial lunar eclipse, through a hazy sky.

The moon is full today – the Strawberry Full Moon.  This morning there was also a partial lunar eclipse.  The sky was covered with clouds, so I didn’t think I would be able to see it.   But when I walked out a little after 5 AM I was pleased to see that there were several brief breaks in the clouds through which I could get a glimpse.  This is one of the few shots I was able to take.  Not great, but you can see the little bite taken out of the moon.

In honor of the occasion, I’ll leave you with Grover Washington, Jr’s Strawberry Moon.

6 thoughts on “Partial lunar eclipse.”

  1. This has been quite a year, so far. First the super moon, then a partial solar eclipse. Now this. Whether or not you think your shot is great, it works beautifully. The mist of clouds, the sihouette of trees. Perfect! Thank you for getting up at 5 and grabbing your camera!

    1. thank you! Tonight there will be a transit of venus, too. Here in Austin it will start at about 5pm. If the clouds cooperate, I will try to get a shot of that, too (through welder’s glass if i can)

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