The view from 14A.

Enroute from HPN to ORD.

I made it home tonight by about 11:30.   Yay for no delays or major travel issues.

I am an aisle seat person.   If you want to ask me to swap my aisle seat with your non-aisle seat on a flight so that you can sit next to your honey or your friend, you’d better be a little old lady, or a newlywed.  Ok.   Well.   If it was a window seat, I’d probably swap with you, but *that’s* what I’d be thinking.   You’ll have to bribe me (alot) to swap for the dreaded middle seat.

That being said, I do love looking out the window.   I suspect I look a lot one of those people that you’d think was on their first plane ride.  Oh, and I take pictures out the window, too.   Sometimes even when my electronic devices are supposed to be turned to the off position and stowed.

The plane I flew from White Plains to Chicago today had single seats on the port side of the plane, so my window seat was also an aisle seat.  About as good as it gets on a little regional jet.

Here’s your meaningless factoid of the day…  did you know that American Airlines saves lots of $ a year in lower fuel costs (plane weighs less) because they don’t paint their planes?   Now ya know.

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