Tea for me.

Sleepy time.

I bought a couple of cool “tipping” teacups that I ran across while browsing for gifts on the web.   They make steeping loose-leaf tea one cup at a time very easy and quick.  I had to, of course, get one for myself.  🙂  Then I had to find some loose-leaf tea to try out.

I am a 2-3 cup-a-day coffee drinker – have been for years.  But, i was born a tea drinker.   My Irish father drank a cup of tea at breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.   So, I drank it as a kid, too, but very infrequently since then.

I’ve never tried loose-leaf tea, but have heard about how much more flavorful it is than tea-bag tea.  I was eager to find loose-leaf versions of some of my favorite brews:  Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey and Chamomile.  I’m lucky to live in Austin for lots of reasons, but one of them is the local tea-shop called The Steeping Room, which is only about 5 minutes from my house.  I popped over there and stocked up.

The picture above is of the before-bedtime blend called Perfect Night.  It’s a mix of chamomile, rose, rose hips, lavender and pink peppercorns.     I had some tonight and it was delicious.

I’ve also tried the breakfast tea and earl grey black teas — all amazingly flavorful.  I think i’m hooked.

2 thoughts on “Tea for me.”

  1. You got me at the steeping room. My boyfriend and I love that place. We make it a point to go there when I come to Austin to visit him. We enjoy the chai lattes. Oh so yummy.

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