Not exactly street legal.

1926 Model T

Our friend, Dan, has a car problem.  He has been building a modified old timey roadster from the ground up for the last few years.  It’s not done yet, but he just bought a working 1926 Model T and had it shipped down here on a truck.   Tonight we went over to Dan & Lynn’s house for dinner and to see the car, and to hopefully get a ride around the block in a genuine Tin Lizzy.

However, when we walked into his garage, this is what we saw.  He had already put it up on blocks and taken it apart to spiff things up.    So, for now this photo will have to do, and our ride will have to wait a bit.

P.S.  I especially enjoyed the after dinner discussion Monte and Dan were having about a wooden hygrometer (measures humidity in the air) that he had just built.  Dan couldn’t understand why Monte would make one out of wood when he had a perfectly good electronic hygrometer already.  Ironic, eh?  (i.e., reference photo above)  🙂

One thought on “Not exactly street legal.”

  1. wow – those look like awfully good mixing bowls under there…here’s to hoping they weren’t pulled from their kitchen. (haha) cool car – I’m sure my grandparents (born in 1884 & 1892) drove a similar model!!!

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