Things not to take for granted.

Loved ones.  Good health.  Lake Travis.

One of my favorite artists is Mary Doerr.  You can browse her extensive collection of prints either in person or online at Images of Austin gallery.  The image below is a link from her online gallery of the print entitled Lake Travis.   Monte gave me this print as a gift several years ago.   The vantage point of the view in her print is above the lake overlooking Marshall Ford Marina and the basin.  Across the way you can see Windy Point, the land on the left fading into the distance is Hudson Bend.  There are no signs of Sometimes Islands in her print (which only start to show when the lake drops below about 658′), as she has captured the basin as we love to see it — full.

Mary Doerr's capture of Lake Travis.

Below is a shot from a similar vantage point taken today with the lake at 626 feet. Sad to see. Let’s hope for LOTS of rain in 2012.

View of Lake Travis basin from St. Luke's.

But, even with our lake low and dropping, we can’t stay away.  So, after our stop to look at the lake, we continued on to our marina.  I joined Lori, Laura, Ann and Ireni for a ladies’ sail on Camelot.  Monte and Joe went out on Cupholder to find some fish.  It was a beautiful day, as you can see in the picture.  Light northerly breezes made for a nice sail.

Today is Friday, New Year’s Eve’s Eve.   Just 3 more days left of what’s been a great vacation from work.   Here’s to not taking anything for granted.  Cheers!

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