Dec 17, 2010

Just stunning.

In the local newspaper the other day there were reports of orca whales right off of Manette in East Bremerton, a few miles from my mom’s house.   We went for a drive in late afternoon to look for some.   Well, we didn’t see any, but it was a gorgeous clear day today and the mountain was out in all its glory.   Mount Rainier is my favorite mountain (I may have said that before).  What, doesn’t everyone have a favorite mountain?   If so, how could it be any mountain other than this one?

Last night I watched Francine play soccer and visited with her afterward for a bit.   Then spent the night at Noreen’s and got in a nice visit with her, David & Jared.  Tonight mom and I went to see Zoolights at the Point Defiance Zoo with Fran & Art, Rebecca and Aaron, and met up with Colleen and her friend Pat afterward for dinner, so I got a visit in with her as well.   1 mom and 3 sisters down – 1 brother to go 😉

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