Dec 16, 2010

Olympic view.

When my family first moved up to this area it was 1974.   In the preparations for yet another family move, in this case from South Carolina, I can recall being very excited about moving to a place with mountains and snow.  And I REALLY wanted a house with a fireplace.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed.   36 years later I still love the mountains.    And, I do still enjoy a fire in the hearth.   But the joy of the cutting/stacking/hauling of firewood that goes along with it — not so much.

This area is on the west side of the Puget Sound surrounded by the Olympic mountains to the west and the Cascade mountains to the east.   Long before I knew how to tell direction by looking at where the sun was in the sky, I knew to look for the mountains to get my bearings.

This is a shot of the beautiful Olympic mountains from outside of Seabeck.

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