Jun 12, 2010

Cast of characters

Day 2 of the trip.  Another windy, sunny day on the lake.   Today the plan is to pile on 2 boats and head even farther up river for a daysail.   The part of the river at Mile marker 55 is called the Narrows, and is about as far as a sailboat should venture up the lake.   We’ll anchor there, swim a bit, eat lunch and head back to the raftup at mile marker 47 for a second night.

This AM Mark and Pam drove to the park to spend the day with us.  They brought 100+ pounds of ice with them to replenish the coolers, which was AWESOME!

7 boats, 5 kayaks, a rubber dinghy and a sailing dinghy.

This is a shot of the boats rafted up outside Krause springs.

From left to right:   Pat &  Dave on Va Bene, Robert & Tasha on their latest Beneteau 34, Bay on Red Sky, Tony & Michelle on Caribbean Run, Joe & Alex on Prelude, Marty, Sue & Koko on Caribbean Hug, and Monte & me on Cupholder.  The sailing dinghy on the far right is our homebuilt Porter Belle.

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