May 29, 2010

First raftup

Ahhh, a 3-day weekend!   This is the weekend of the Turnback Canyon Regatta, a 2-day race up the lake and back.  We had talked about cruising along and spending the night up the river.  But as it turned out this morning there was no wind.

By noon the racers had already motored by the marina, sails down.   So, we decided to go to the South Arkansas Bend cove to raftup with Marty, Sue, Lori, Dave and Jake.  Doray and Tom came out to float with us for several hours, too.

Even without the wind, today was as an absolutely great day.  Temps in the 90s;  water temp over 80;  a full lake.   A perfect combination for an afternoon of floating.   We brought the kayak, so everyone got a chance to explore.

Arky south has great sunset views.   This is a classic.

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