What’s in your pocket?

1959 silver dime.

I was absentmindedly sorting coins that were weighing down my wallet today.   I lined up, on edge, the nickels, pennies, dimes, quarters…. then I noticed one of the dimes was all silver.  It is not often that I find a silver coin in my pocket anymore.  When I was a kid it happened much more frequently.  I guess more of them were in circulation (way) back then.

Anyway, when I zoomed in to take this macro shot I noticed initials “JS” under Roosevelt’s head.  Google tells me those are the initials of the guy that designed the front and back of the coin, John Sinnock.  He was Chief Engraver for the United States Mint, and also designed the Franklin half-dollar.    You really can learn something new every day!   You just have to take the time to look around 🙂

More numis-trivia:  this dime is 90% silver, is worth about $2 today, and is one of 85 million minted in 1959.   There you have it.

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