Touchdown ABIA.


It’s good to be home.  I’m very tired.  And, I’m on call this weekend for work, so I won’t be able to venture very far.  So while it’s nice to be home to recharge, there’s still lots of things to keep me busy.  Monte has dart night at the house tonight, so I’ve slipped away to putter around til i fall asleep.

Sometimes I create playlists on iTunes just based on a word search in the title or the lyrics of the songs in my library.  Tonight, I searched for songs with “home” in the title and found many hits.   Here’s a sampling, in order of when i first remembered hearing them (sorry ’bout the goofy ads before many of each of these…hopefully you can click through).   I have a story to go with each of these, but for now I’ll just share the links.   Maybe you’ll enjoy and/or remember them, too.  As for me, i love how music is woven into my memories….

– Carole King’s Home Again
– Alice Cooper’s I’m Going Home
– Tim Curry’s I’m Going Home from Rocky Horror Picture Show
– Cecilio & Capono’s Home (and I’m staying this time)
– Bonnie Raitt’s Home
– Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes’ Home
– Phillip Phillips Home


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