Unfortunately, I have a full calendar of dental work appointments in my near future. As the 5th of 5 kids born in 5 years, I got the short end of the stick in the tooth department – tiny teeth, missing lots of them, deficient enamel. I spent too many years in the dentist chair as a kid. It’s been pleasantly uneventful for about 40 years, but I need to once again sit in the chair and endure it.

My old dentist office of 25 years has left town. So, I found a new one. When they ask me questions with numbed lips, I just mouth questions about the technology. They have software for 3-D modeling of a new crown, designed and created in the office while I wait in the chair. No more temporaries. Just pop on the new one out of the kiln. Not how I want to spend an afternoon, but pretty cool.

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