No, not “that” Chuy’s.

I had a treat today, in more ways than one.

– I had a real “lunch break,” which rarely happens.
– And I went out to lunch, which never happens.
AND I went to lunch with some colleagues that I met over the phone and worked with round the clock during the crit-sit-from-hell that I complained about in several posts in the last month or two.   Today we met the first time in person.   We all work in Austin, but in different groups.
– And, the icing on the cake, was that the place they picked is a most awesome bakery teeming with fantastic breads and sweet things.  Panaderia Chuy is a small, but very busy, Mexican bakery at the intersection of Ohlen Rd and US 183 access road in North Austin.

I really enjoyed meeting this group of people from work.  I’m so glad they took the initiative to get us together.  I have been working at the end of a phone for so long lately, having a face-to-face experience is a rare but welcome one.  And the bakery is a gem of a find.  Ok.  So, it only took me 17 years to run across it, but I will definitely be back.  Many times.

Here’s a few items from my first sampling…the bolillos were crispy on the outside and heavenly on the inside.  The marranitos (little gingerbread-like pastry in the shape of a pig) was perfect.  And the orejas (puff pastry-ish ear / heart shaped pastries) took me back about 30 years to when I lived in Spain.  They also have churros, and their own ice cream and tons of other goodies.


When you come in, pick up a large metal cookie sheet and set of tongs from the stack in the middle of the room and then load up as you walk from one display case to another.

They also have a kitchen and eating area for eating in.

Check them out.

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